Are You Planning a Home Remodel?

Hire us for a professional electrical remodeling in Waukesha or New Berlin, WI

Your lights, switches and outlets aren't permanent fixtures in your home, so don't feel like you have to work around your electric setup when you're planning your home remodel.

Zander Electrical Services, LLC offers custom electrical remodeling in Waukesha and New Berlin, WI. Depending on your new design ideas, we can relocate and install new electrical outlets, lights and switches that best fit your needs.

Get the home design you really want and the luxury fixtures to go along with it. Contact us today to speak with an experienced electrician.

Electrical Remodels

Get everything you want in a home

Don't cover up outlets or light switches when reconfiguring your home layout. Make your electrical setup more accessible with help from Zander Electrical Services. We provide complete electrical remodeling services and can...

  • Move light fixtures or outlets
  • Relocate kitchen appliance hookups
  • Install wiring in new additions
Hire our local electricians today to get more out of your new home design.