Electrical Installations in Waukesha, WI

Schedule panel upgrades, installs and repair services

Trying to upgrade or repair your electrical equipment can be a dangerous and complex process. Hire our professional electrician to tackle your electrical panel upgrades and rewiring work. Zander Electrical Services, LLC completes electrical installation projects for homeowners in the Waukesha, WI area.

Our residential electrical services include:

  • Lighting upgrades
  • Panel upgrades
  • Rewiring work
  • Electrical remodeling
  • Outlet installations
If you're building a new home, we can install your electrical system in no time at all. Count on us to wire your house properly, install a sufficient number of outlets and make sure your lighting works flawlessly.

Trust Zander Electrical Services to complete your electrical installation correctly the first time. Call now to schedule an appointment.

3 reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

3 reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

Zander Electrical Services specializes in panel upgrades in Waukesha, WI and surrounding areas. You should upgrade your electrical panel if:

  1. Your circuit breaker trips frequently
  2. You notice your lights flickering constantly
  3. You're installing new appliances that use up a lot of electricity
Reach out to us today to discuss your electrical installation needs.